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We provide District Drinking Water system that allows residents to drink fresh and clean water straight from a dedicated tap, separated from the standard water system. Our system employs multi-layer filtration, reverse osmosis, and ozone in the treatment process, before utilizing UV sterilizers upon distribution, to ensure the highest quality of our drinking water.



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About the District Drinking Water System
  • Where is the drinking water faucet installed?: The drinking water faucet is installed in the kitchen area of every room.
  • Do I use the same faucet as the public water faucet for drinking water?: No, the drinking faucet is separated from the public water faucet.
  • Do I need to install additional systems?: No, the drinking water system is already installed in the room.
  • How can I assure there is no rust in the system?: The drinking water distribution system uses 316L stainless steel pipes that are food-grade standard, safe, and rust-free. This complies with NSF standards, the same ones to certify major bottled water production companies.
  • How can I assure the water is drinkable?: The water undergoes various filtration and disinfection steps, including multi-layer filtration, reverse osmosis, ozone purification, and UV disinfection, along with continuous water quality monitoring. The production process also adheres to NSF standards from the United States.
  • How clean is it compared to bottled water or water from a purifier?: The quality of the district drinking water is same as that of bottled water or water from a purifier.
  • How is the quality checked?: There is a real-time water quality measurement system, and the water is sent for laboratory checks every month according to WELL Building Standard.
Before Using
  • Is there a fee to start the system?: No, there is no starting fee to use the system.
  • How is it better than bottled water?: The district drinking water is fresh from the production plant without storage in bottles, unexposed to sunlight, saving costs, having similar quality and taste as that of the bottled water, and also reducing plastic waste.
  • How is it better than the water from a water purifier?: There is no need to change the filters, no strangers to the house, and no filter waste.
  • What do I need to do if I am interested in using this service?: If interested, kindly contact Unisus Green Energy Company Limited at +66 2780 2773-6 or [email protected]
While Using
  • How is the fee calculated?: The fee is calculated from the smart meter based on the amount of drinking water actually used.
  • How can I know the water in the room is ready to drink?: When the indicator light on the faucet turns blue, the user can safely drink the water.
  • What is the water temperature like?: The temperature of drinking water is close to that of the tap water.
  • Can it be used to wash things instead of tap water?: Yes, but the cost is charged in drinking water rate.
  • Will there be odors or bacteria if the water is not used for a long time?: There will not be odors or bacteria because the system has sensors to detect water flow. If the water is not used for more than 24 hours, the water will be discharged to keep it fresh at no cost.
  • What does drinking water taste like?: The taste is same as that of normal bottled water. It has passed the blind test and is acceptable in taste.
After Using
  • Are there any maintenance costs?: Yes, there is a cost of smart faucet replacement. The UV lamp in the smart faucet has a lifespan of approximately 2-3 years; therefore, the smart faucet set needs to be replaced at the end of its life.
  • How can I know if I need to replace the faucet?: When the light changes from blue to red, the user should replace the drinking water faucet.
  • Can the faucet be used without replacement?: The UV lamp helps stop germs if the water is not used for a long time. It is highly recommended to replace the faucet at the end of its life.
  • Is there any warning sound when the lamp life expires?: No, there is no warning sound.
  • How to check my bill?: The smart meter sends information to the system. Residents can check their usage through the application (available for use at the end of 2024).
  • How to pay for my bill?: The users will pay a monthly service fee based on actual usage to Unisus Green Energy Company through various channels such as cash, credit card, bank account deduction, and QR payment.
  • Are there any conditions for cancellation?: No, there are no conditions for cancellation.